The Digital Solutions Podcast

The Digital Solutions Podcast is released once a fortnight, featuring businesses we have supported and discussing the assistance they received as well as discussing and celebrating the exciting work that they do. Each episode below is listed via it's Spotify listening, however more listening options are available here.

Series 2

We chat to business support projects in the region about the services they offer and ways they are able to help local businesses.

Episode 2: CREST

Episode 2: We are joined by Kat Bevan and Vicki Ayton from The Centre for Research into Environmental Science and Technology (CREST) . We talk about their projects offerings for businesses interested in environmental and sustainable practises.

Episode 1: Building Skills and Growth Capacity

Episode 1: We are joined by Ruth Westwood from Building Skills and Growth Capacity. We talk about their projects offerings such as skills audits and apprenticeships. We also learn more about Ruth's background and the expertise she brings to her project.

Series 1

We chat to various business we have supported within Digital Solutions and learn more about their businesses, the service they provide as well as how Digital Solutions helped them.

Episode 5: Shropshire ITC

Episode 5: We are joined by Vince Dovey of Shropshire ITC. We hear about the recent release of his app Safestep and what new ventures await for the business. We also hear about the support Digital Solutions offered them throughout their long term support.

Hannah Smith joins us at the guest from Digital Solutions.

Episode 4: Shropshire Festivals

Episode 4: We are joined by Beth Heath from Shropshire Festivals. We hear about the work she has done and all they achieved despite the pandemic. We also hear about the support we gave the business to create an app to help support their volunteers and exhibitors.

Verity Gibson doubles up as host and guest for the Digital Solutions team segment.

Episode 3: Careful digital

Episode 3: We are joined by James and Carolyn Drever of Careful Digital. We hear about their work towards a educational collaboration platform to teach 16-18 year olds about biomimicry. We also discuss their practices on work/life balance and their passion projects outside of work.

Paul Andrews doubles up as host and guest for the project overview segment.

Episode 2: Calluna Graphix

Episode 2: We are joined by Heather Crowe of Calluna Graphix/Calluna Upcyling. We discuss her work to provide a more sustainable and green exhibition and events industry, her work to fundraise for Severn Hospice in COVID and beyond, as well as her support from Digital Solutions.

We are also joined by Nikki Ayton for our project overview segment.

Episode 1: ChoiceMaster Ltd

Episode 1: We are joined by Dr David F George to discuss his business choiceMaster Ltd and his product of customer specific choice engine and how he hopes it will aid and improve the customer's online retail experience.

Episode 0

Episode 0 of The Digital Solutions Podcast to highlight what the podcast is what the podcast will be offering.