Our Process

We will be using a process called Scenario Based Design to determine what features any appropriate technology needs to have in order to provide the users of your Digital Solution with the experiences you want them to have.

What is it?

Scenario Based Design (SBD) is a design methodology that encourages the creation of digital systems based on how you want your users to be able to interact with them.

First Steps - Write a story & highlight the verbs

You begin the process by writing a few paragraphs about an imaginary user who is using your Digital Solution's once it is launched.

  • What will they see when they use it?
  • How will they interact with it?
  • What information will they enter into it?
  • What information will it give them in return?

You may wish to write different scenarios for the different kinds of people that will make use of the app, such as:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Directors
  • etc.