How to maximise your digital productivity whilst social distancing.


What's this?

To support local businesses during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we will be running a regular series of live streaming sessions which aim to showcase numerous free tools and technologies that SME's can use to help with remote working and collaboration.

On this page you will be able to watch our streams, ask questions and re-watch previous videos.

Please note, the exact topics we are covering are subject to change based on the feedback we get from SMEs, so if there is a particular theme or topic you'd like us to consider covering, please get in touch.

To stay updated we strongly advise that you follow us on either Twitter or Facebook.

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Live Stream Schedule

Below you can see our streaming schedule. Please click on each event to learn more about it.

Watch Previous Streams

Missed a stream? Don't worry!

By clicking on the links below you can watch any of the live streams we have delivered to date as well as access all of the notes and resources that were showcased in each:

  1. Free Video Conferencing Tools
  2. Keeping Track of Team Tasks
  3. Working Collaboratively with others
  4. Communicating effectively with others
  5. Supporting & Training others with Technology
  6. Creating Mobile Phone Apps with No Code
  7. Getting Started with Podcasts
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Watch our Live Stream

When we are broadcasting you will be able to see the live video feed below.

In the event of any technical issues we advise you refresh this page in the first instance.

If that does not rectify the issue then please consult our "Having Trouble" section at the bottom of this page.

Got Questions?

If you'd like to ask us a question during the stream then you can post a comment via Facebook or contact us via Twitter (@DigitalUCS or by using the hashtag DigitalSolutionsUCS) or by emailing

Would you like to know more?

If, after watching this stream you'd like to have a chat with us about how we might help you and your business (for free!) then please click on the button below to complete our online contact request form.

Having Trouble?

Below you'll find answers to some of the common issues that people can sometimes have when watching live video.

1) The video isn't playing on the webpage

For the best possible experience we recommend that you use either Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser, both are free to download via the links below:

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2) I can see the video playing but cannot hear any sound

Watching videos on the internet can require you to check TWO sound controls, please click on each link to learn more.

Step 1 - Your computer's sound

The first thing you need to ensure that your computer or tablet has it's main volume set loud enough. How you do this will vary depending on the type of computer or tablet you have, however the link below will take you to a website that will give guidance on how you can adjust the sound on a windows based computer.

Step 2 - The sound of the video you are watching

When you watch a video on the internet, it will be played in a "video player" that is shown by your web browser.

Confusingly, the video player has it's own volume control, so in addition to checking your computers sound level, you also need to check that the video player SHOWING the video you are within also has it's volume turned up.

To do this, wiggle the mouse over the video you are watching and the video player controls should appear:

YouTube video Controls

Facebook video controls

We've placed a red box around the volume control for each of the video players shown above, as you can see, the exact position of the volume control varies depending on the platform you are using to watch the video on, however the "speaker" icon used is always the same.

By clicking on the speaker icon you will bring up an volume slider which you can then use to adjust the volume of the specific video being played.

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3) The video is blurry

If the video is blurry for you then it's an indication that your internet speed is not fast enough to watch High Definition video.

To try to fix this, ensure that all other devices which might be using your Internet connection at the same time as you are trying to watch the video (games consoles, devices streaming YouTube and Netflix etc) are turned off.

If you are using Wifi on a portable device such as a laptop or tablet then you may also find that moving physically closer to your internet box helps.

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4) I've plugged headphones into my computer but cannot hear anything

Firstly, ensure you have worked through all of the steps listed in "2) I can see the video playing but cannot hear any sound".

If you have checked everything then you should also check that your computer is set up to play sound via the headphones you have plugged in.

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